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The humble cabbage

Cabbage comes in a variety of shapes and colours with many rich nutrients. Not only that, it is also a remarkably affordable staple! If you are bored of the regular cabbage, you can try the  red/purple varieties. All are rich in different nutrients, micronutrients and minerals that have many amazing health benefits.

Packed with fibre, antioxidants, vitamin B16 and folate, cabbage is great at protecting you against heart disease, bad eyesight and even some types of cancer.  But unfortunately, many of us boil and fry cabbage until it loses all of these wonderful health benefits.

Let’s look at different ways to enjoy this diverse vegetable: 

  1. Instead of dumping cabbage in water or cooking oil, have you tried steaming it? This way, you will keep the fresh and lovely flavour, by adding just a little bit of butter, salt and minced garlic. The secret is to wash the cabbage beforehand. Leave a little bit of water on the leaves and cook in a covered pot over medium heat. Be careful not to use high heat as this can cause the cabbage to burn. After just five minutes, remove the lid and allow the extra water to evaporate from the dish.


  1. You can also grill cabbage like a steak. Next time you are having a braai with loved ones, toss a few stakes on the coals. Brush a few slices of cabbage with butter/oil, season with a bit of salt, pepper and chilli flakes. The aim is to cook it until it’s nice and tender. It will go well as a side dish or a main dish for those who don’t eat meat. A splash of fresh lemon juice will intensify the flavour.

Try out these suggestions and let us know what you think? If you share your own cabbage recipe we'll be sure to display it on our homepage, that way, other customers can also get inspired. 

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