We source the best quality in-season fruit from our local farmers to your doorstep. Remember, buying in-season saves you money. 

Fresh tip: 

Wash your fruits under clean, cool, running water just before you prepare or eat them, even if you intend to remove the skin/peel. 


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Picture of Top Red Apples (1.5kg)

Top Red Apples (1.5kg)

We source the sweetest, deep red apples with a crunch. Suitable for snacking.
Picture of Granny Smith Apples (1.5kg)

Granny Smith Apples (1.5kg)

Our Granny Smith apples are sweet, with a sharp sour taste that will excite your taste buds. Great for juicing, smoothies, snacking and baking, home-made sauces and purées.
R30,00 R25,00
Picture of Fuji Apples (1.5kg)

Fuji Apples (1.5kg)

Our Fuji apples are very sweet & juicy. Red with white patches, they are the perfect snack.
R30,00 R27,00
Picture of Pears (1.5kg)

Pears (1.5kg)

Our pears are green, sweet & juicy. Great for snacking, baking or as a salad topping.
Picture of Strawberries (250g)

Strawberries (250g)

Our strawberries are sweet & full of flavour.
Picture of Red seedless grapes (500g)

Red seedless grapes (500g)

Our red grapes are simply delicious, sweet & juicy. We are currently stocking imported seedless grapes hence the higher than usual price tag.
Picture of White seedless grapes (500g)

White seedless grapes (500g)

Our white grapes are selected for their sweetness. We are currently stocking imported seedless grapes, hence the higher than usual price tag.
R29,00 R28,00
Picture of Dessert Peaches

Dessert Peaches

Sweet & delicious, perfect for snacking & desserts.
R30,00 R29,00
Picture of Pineapples (2 p/pack)

Pineapples (2 p/pack)

Golden yellow and sweet tasting.
Picture of Pineapple (Single)

Pineapple (Single)

Golden yellow and sweet tasting.
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