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Minimum Effort, Maximum Results

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We often start the new year with beautiful resolutions of the vision we have set out for our lives. Whether it's going back to the gym, eating healthy, revisiting a passion (reading, cooking, baking, playing sport) or even starting a veg garden, our intentions are always pure. 

But 3 weeks into the new year, deadlines start to creep up on us, life commitments mount and before you know it, our vision board becomes a distant memory and we are back to old habits. 

This is an unsolicited reminder to put yourself first, come what may! With a weekly box of peeled, washed, chopped and ready-to-cook vegetables and quick wholesome meal recipes, there are no more excuses. 

With Payflex, you can now order your monthly supplies in bulk, pay in 4 interest-free payments and we will deliver at the end of each week, just in time for the weekend. How convenient? 

Our team wishes you a healthy & wholesome New Year!

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