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We Are Now Open!!!

06 Oct 2022

Our Grand Opening was nothing short of drama, despite our best efforts we only managed to cut the ribbon at 10:15am to a welcoming crowd of curious shoppers. It took a while to figure out our check-out process but once we got going, it was all systems go!

And just as we had expected, our tasting table was a popular destination as most shoppers wanted to try out some of the small-batch products on offer. Our Flaming Relish was the star of the show, every shopper who tried it walked away with a jar, selling it out in just a few hours! 

Natives Kombucha was also very popular and while most shoppers aren't farmiliar with kombucha, they most certainly enjoyed its tangy bite on the tongue and of course the added health benefits of probiotics. We also had yummy scones and healthier cookies made with sorghum to taste and some cute mbewu branded cookies to take home, a sweet little surprise to top off the experience. 

So what can shoppers expect at the new mbewu store? Exceptional local brands that are made with care, from sauces, raw honey, to amadumbe crisps. You can bring your own packaging to refill Ubuntu Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We also have Nutaria's nuts, seeds & dried fruit. 

Our space is designed for on a slower shopping experience where we educate our shoppers on where their food comes from, how it is made and how it's better for them. We call this Shopping with Purpose. 

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